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An easy to use navigation system lets you concentrate on the ideas
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SiteNav – multi-level website navigation made EASY

Building a web site is not easy. Plenty of people are good at designing pages or templates, but if your web site is really just a collection of pages then it is soon going to become unmanageable. SiteNav turns a collection of pages into a unified, coherent web site by letting you plug in multi-level navigation bars that ANYONE can use.

Take a look at our new demo videos - showing how to add a new section to your site in seconds

  • Makes it easy to develop complex web site structures…
  • … without the complex coding knowledge
  • Super fast
  • Highly scalable
  • Let your clients update their own websites…
  • … or do it yourself in seconds
  • Standards-compliant – built on XML/XHTML
  • Works on any .NET-enabled web space
  • Complements Macromedia Contribute perfectly

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