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Can you afford NOT to use SiteNav?

Consider the alternatives. The worst-case scenario is that all of your pages contain their own navigation code. If you have five pages, that’s just about bearable, but what if you have ten? What if your client wants to add an eleventh page? If you have to manually modify all ten pages to add an eleventh, then that’s going to have a huge impact on your bottom line. Now imagine that you have fifty pages, and your client asks you to add, or delete, just one more – it’s a nightmare scenario.

With SiteNav your web site can grow to any size, and adding the five hundredth page is as easy as adding the fifth. Download your free trial now.

Another option is to use Dreamweaver’s Library tool, or some other ‘include’ method. That’s fine, but do you have a way to automatically highlight the current/parent page/section? If you do, how much coding is involved? Could you give it to any computer-literate person and expect them to modify their own site navigation?

With SiteNav anyone who can use an XML editor can control an entire website’s navigation. Download your free trial now.

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