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Additional Benefits Features

Any sales manual will tell you to talk about benefits, not features, but these features are so cool we couldn’t NOT shout about them!

Breadcrumb Navigation

The SiteNav component doesn’t just generate multi-level navigation. The same XML data describes your current page’s relationship with the section above it, and the section above that, so SiteNav can use it to produce extremely useful breadcrumb navigation with no extra effort. As you can see, we use it on this website.

Site Map Display

You’ve seen site maps on other sites – it probably looks like quite a lot of work to keep them updated. Well not any more. Essentially, your XML file is already a site map – a description of what files are on your site, and how they are organised. What your SiteNav component will do is display a bang-up-to-date map, complete with links, with no extra effort on your part. Take a look at our site map here.

Unlimited Pages

How big do you want to go? There is no limit to the number of pages SiteNav will support. As a good web designer, you’re going to want to follow usability guidelines in organising your navigation, but it’s entirely up to you how you do it. SiteNav will do whatever you tell it!

Caching support makes it even faster

The component is designed to be as fast as possible, but there is still a ‘file read’ operation needed to read the XML file. However, with ASP.NET’s inbuilt caching support, you can remove even that hurdle to make page load times lightning-quick.

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So what does it cost?